My story

la petite anglaise à paris

I am Michelle Berkley and the name Emelby Design is based on my initials MLB.

Don’t make me tell you what the L stands for, I’ve gotten away with it for this long!

I grew up in Manchester in the 60’s (so please accept my northern humour), but was always passionate about design and Paris, partly due to seeing the film Amelie Poulain set in Montmartre and listening to Étienne Daho and Jean-Jacques Goldman when I was 7 in Prestwich… I knew I would get here one day.

After studying business and languages in Manchester, I worked in a French shipping company for 7 years, (I learnt how to swear like a trooper in French, dealing with all those lorry drivers). I then moved to London for 5 years, Jerusalem (אני מדברת עברית) for 5 years (marketing this time) and then my work sent me to live in New York (Bleecker Street in SoHo, lucky girl!) for 2 years – where the first Apple store opened and I bought my first mac and discovered graphic and web design.

Paris was still calling and 16 years ago I left New York all alone with a suitcase and became la petite anglaise à Paris, living in the tiniest appartment in Montmartre of course.

Et oui pour les francophones je parle français, n’hésitez pas à me contacter par mail.
Les sites web, logos, carte de visite etc.

I’ll let my portfolio speak for itself, hope you enjoy!