Hey, I'm Michelle Berkley

Graphic Designer, webmaster, paris

You made it, happy to see you here at Emelby Design, yay!
Et pour les français, évidemment la petite « mancunienne » parle votre langue !


In collaboration with Marvel on some brand new Conan novellas!  A new sci-fi & fantasy imprint with a mission to create immersive adventure books for gamers and fans of SFF TV and film, as well as avid genre fiction readers. Expanding the boundaries of well known series, such as Conan, and gaming universes, such as Mutant Year Zero and Kult. Design and website by Michelle Berkley, Emelby Design.

some recent works - graphics

This is what I do

Please email me for a quote, further information about a website, blog, flyer, logo, brochure etc,
would love to hear from you….I am a Mancunian in Paris.

This website is for a menopause doctor in London.
Thanks to this website, (which seems to be a hit!) I have had many new clients, hope you like it!


My websites are generally done in WordPress, but have done many websites in html also

Boy do I love Paris. I love Paris in the spring, I love Paris when the leaves fall in autumn, I love Paris on a Monday, Tuesday, Sunday afternoon… I just love Paris. As a young girl Paris was always the city that fascinated me the most, and now having lived here for 14 years, the love affair just continues to grow.  There is always something new to discover.

“Whoever does not visit Paris regularly will never really be elegant”

Honoré de Balzac